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The whole world depends on technology and specially internet , visiting various social websites , emails, cloud computing , banking  and a lot more of variances over the vast medium spread over the realm . Speaking of applications over the internet let me introduce myself , I am Dhruv Shah and i’m an information security Researcher and a Pentester.

Currently working as an information security consultant at Aujas Networks Pvt Ltd and previously at AAA Technologies Pvt Ltd. Mumbai. Before that worked at Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd Delhi. I have completed my Masters and Bachelors in the  field of Information Technology from Mumbai University . Born and brought up in Bombay with a determined effort to help secure applications over the internet .

There is a lot to say and a lot to learn . For all i believe that everything we do has a purpose and we all strive to search for it ,for the purpose is not known will not be but the journey that is initiated by that very purpose should bring joy to your lives .

The sole reason i have created this blog apart from having my own website 😛 is that i believe that knowledge not shared is knowledge half learned . The information we perceive in our brains is not complete it can be complete when you share the information with others resulting in debates and sharing always helps improve your knowledge .

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge by the benevolence of people from this world and its time to contribute back , i espouse the idea of  Sharing is caring , keeping things to oneself is a cowardly act . We all share that’s how we know more , learn more , innovate new stuff . After all being munificent is the greatest good of humanity.

I am an enthusiast in the field of Information Security , i conduct Web application Penetration tests , Sever Assessments and Penetration tests , IS Audits , Network Audits . Mobile Application Testing and a lot more .


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