Must follow Security Podcasts

Podcasts are a great thing to improve your awareness of what’s happening currently in the market, here are a few podcasts from the security perspective that one should follow.

Before i mention the list of Podcasts, I recommend that you install Podcast Addict from the android market, link here Podcast Addict Play store. It is a very handy podcast app and lets you manage your Podcasts efficiently.

Lets begin with the list of Podcasts one must follow:

  • Owasp 24/7: They majorly focus on Web application security and they conduct frequent podcast episodes.
  • Sans Internet Storm Center Podcast: like a news headline, pretty good to keep you updated with latest trends.
  • Tripwires Security Slice: this is a very good podcast, they conduct 6-7 episodes per month, it takes into considerations the major problems of the industry and makes people talk about it.
  • Defensive Security Podcast : Also a good podcast that discusses of the current problems.
  • Pauldotcom : This is a very popular podcast, they perform live stream of audio and video, one of their most favorite guests are Tenable.
  • CyberSpeak : This is a must for Cyber Forensic lovers, it’s conducted by two formal federal agents who introduce you to the latest techniques and tools for Forensics.
  • podcast: The name says it all, its all about social engineering and its techniques.

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